A pivoted approach from cold laser and why it matters

A pivoted approach from cold laser and why it matters

Mike Hughes, DC, wanted to add a new tool to his chiropractic practice and had focused on cold lasers.

He wasn’t sure which one was right for his clients and held off on the purchase.

And then it happened. On a trip the Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, a few of his staffers from his family practice at Gateway Family Chiropractic tried out the PER 2000 from Pulsed Energy Technologies. The result was eye-opening.

“One of my staff members was actually crying. ‘This is amazing!’” Hughes said of the staffer who has a Dowager hump and had constant leg pain.

Addressing doubts

Still, he had his doubts about pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy.

“One of my big concerns was ‘How come everyone doesn’t have this?’” Hughes said. “A lot of people are using cold laser and why does the machine look like it is from 1980 and why do the aesthetics not look more up to date?”

So he started researching PEMF and found out “the results were even better than with cold laser.”

One of the biggest selling points for Hughes was that the PEMF technology can treat more of the body and do it quicker.

“Just the outcomes, how the people responded to the PEMF and the versatility of it, you can use it so many different ways,” Hughes said. “Another thing was, how fast you can treat someone’s entire body, as opposed to cold laser, you can only treat a centimeter at a time. With PEMF, you can end up treating the whole body in 30 minutes.”

Hughes’ practice has seen an immediate impact in the couple months since purchasing a PEMF machine.

Better together

“Overall, I’ve seen patients have great results, also with the chiropractic,” said Sierra Barker, a chiropractic assistant at Gateway. “Using it together (PEMF and chiropractic), I would say a lot of our patients are saying their chiropractic adjustments are lasting a lot longer.”

Barker, who uses PEMF therapy weekly to help with her gastrointestinal issues, points out one story that epitomizes the technology’s effectiveness.

An older woman had knee surgery, but still had a clicking in her knee that caused her pain.

“After one treatment of PEMF, she was able to go out and do gardening work all day and was on her knee and had no issues the next day,” Barker said.

While many are still learning about PEMF, Barker said it is relatively easy to convince clients to use this form of therapy.

“Most of our patients are informed consumers. We kind of let the results let them speak for themselves,” Barker said. “We have the science, we have all the research, we everything to provide them. We do a 5-minute trial for every patient. I would say about 60 to 75 percent of the people who do the trial start using it instantly or sign up for a package.”

Making it a worthy investment for Hughes.

“This is probably the only therapeutic machine, big machine we have spent a significant amount of money on (other than a hydrocollator),” Hughes said.

Hughes uses PEMF therapy himself and also had his daughter do daily treatments when she came down with mononucleosis. Hughes said it aided her recovery by several days.

“I didn’t understand how powerful the machine is and what people could actually feel what it was doing,” Hughes said.


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