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Daniel: Good afternoon to everybody and welcome to the Tuesday webinar series, Chiropractic Economics Webinar for doctors of chiropractic. I’m Daniel Sosnoski, editor and chief of chiropractic economics. Today’s webinar PEMF therapy, a new movement for DC’s is sponsored by Pulsed Energy. And as always our program is being recorded and will be archived at chiropractic economics website,, for one year. Our expert is onboard here today to speak with you and when his presentation is complete we will follow with a question and answer period. You can submit questions throughout the presentation by clicking on the appropriate icon on the right side of your screen. We’ll do our very best to get to all of your questions, but if we run out of time we’ll forward the remaining questions to our expert and notify you via email when the answers are posted on our website, Our presenter today is Josh Silver, president and CEO of Pulsed Energy Technologies. Who is here to help you understand the exciting new modality of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. Josh, thank you for taking the time to participate in our webinar and for sharing your expertise with PEMF technology and helping our audience understand how they can use PEMF to effectively treat their patients. And before we get started, Josh give us a brief background on yourself and your work with PEMF.

Josh: Sure, and I just want to say thank you all so much for having me. I’m very excited to be here and very excited to share all the information about this old, new technology. The best way to understand who I am and where I sorta fit into this category of technology is believe it or not, I’m the old man in the technology. This technology itself has been around for a 100 years but it is relatively new to North America. Through the grace of God, through time and happenstance I happened to be in the right place at the right time when this was developed in the year 2000 in terms of the modality that we use today. And so I’ve been in and around the technology since the beginning of the year 2000. So I’ve seen it firsthand sort of it develop, unfold, and it work and that is essentially my background is started working with a different version of the technology and then developing my own product.

Daniel: Well very good. So Josh please go ahead and begin your presentation.

Josh: Thank you. Thank you so much. For everybody who’s out there, Dan said something that was really important, he used one word that I wanted to focus on to sorta kick off this presentation, and he used the word new. And new is a great word because new can actually be old. Time goes by and things happen in our world and 100 years or more go by and generations forget things that we have done. We didn’t record them, we didn’t properly or accurately date them so we use the word new, but sometimes we’re talking about something that’s old. And that directly applies to what we’re going to be talking about today which is high powered PEMF therapy. This is literally the oldest form of electrical therapy in North America. We have been using this for, geez, about 150 years now. Before lasers, before ultrasound, before scan, before tens, before we used anything that plugged into the wall in terms of healing, 1000s of years ago we traced back the used of pulse electromagnetic field therapy to the Egyptians and using stones and magnetic stones. In more recent history we can date it back to Tesla some others that we’re gonna talk about.

So in our time together I’m gonna take the opportunity to basically speak to everybody here about four key areas of PEMF therapy. Okay, we’re gonna talk about the history, how this technology has developed and evolved over the last 150 years. Where my company and others play a role in today’s work. We’re gonna also get into the nitty gritty, we’re gonna talk about the science. We’re gonna hear the who, what, where, when, and why of how it works and you’re gonna leave this webinar with a very good understanding, or at least an elevator explanation, of what PEMF therapy is and sorta how it works on people and the mechanism in action. And that will also then tie us into how to properly use the technology for a variety of conditions. Like I said earlier, I’m the old man in the technology. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I’m familiar with a lot of the unknowns that is out there and this is a big unknown, is there’s many people that don’t know how we properly apply the PEMF therapy to get the maximum results. There is a way to use it correctly that gets the best results and we’re gonna go over that today.

And then the last thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about successfully ‘marketing’, and I’m using quotes in the word marketing, just therapy for your practice. Part of my background comes from business and marketing and I will tell you that the way that we sorta put the word out about this technology breaks all the rules of classic and standard advertising or marketing 101. So what we’re gonna do is teach the practitioners out there some basic tips, some tricks, some hints, some sorta jumping off points so that it doesn’t just go from really cool modalities sitting in the corner of the office it goes into integrated therapy that’s successfully helping patients and also producing a revenue. So we’re gonna do our best to cover all of this in a short period of time. I’m gonna be quick and precise on all of our information. The beauty of this is that it’s being recorded so anything that we’ve missed we can go back, we can ask questions. Myself or my staff are pretty much available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive phone calls, text messages, smoke signals from the mountain, however you wanna communicate with us. So we’ll be happy to get you all the answers we can.

So, the jumping off point, if you will, the big question is what is PEMF therapy? If you Google PEMF therapy you are gonna get a huge array of answers when you click it. It’s not gonna be what is water. It’s H2O. That’s not gonna be PEMF therapy. You are gonna get pages and pages and pages of detailed science of detailed explanations of what it is, what it does and do, how it works and all of that.

Okay, what I’ve done here is I’m gonna make it very simple, very precise so we all walk away with a better understanding. Okay. First thing I’m gonna do is explain what PEMF therapy is is I’m gonna give you a example in life so we understand. What PEMF therapy is at its core is a battery charger for your cells. Our cells are like little batteries and when we have injury, illness, or disease the energy is reduced. The waves of magnetic field pass into the cell and restore the charge, just like when you plug in rechargeable batteries. And that’s our simple explanation that we explain to people. The energy only goes to where it’s deficient, so that’s why when you use the therapy in some cases you feel it and in some cases you don’t, okay?

In a more scientific, but simple, explanation to really get at the core of what PEMF therapy is, we’ve sorta utilized this simple answer which combines old science and new science. What PEMF therapy is, is induction of electricity into the cells to stimulate healing, okay? And I’m just gonna break that down a little bit for you so we understand in greater detail when we talk about induction of electricity that’s the key word.

In the turn of the previous century, physicist by the name of Michael Faraday came up with two concepts that we now use, or have utilized in physics, ever since then they have sorta wore his namesake. These apply to PEMF therapy. The first thing we talk about is Faraday’s Law of Magnetic Induction. And simply put, when you put electricity into a circle it makes a corresponding electromagnetic field. Okay, the middle of screen there you can see this incredibly cool picture of Nikola Tesla holding a lightbulb that’s lit up but he’s not touching anything. To Tesla’s right, or left looking at the screen, you see a little boy standing under power lines and there’s lightbulbs plugged into the earth, but they’re not plugged in. So how are they powered?

I’m sure many of us have spent 5 or 10 minutes in the last year on Facebook and seen those incredibly cool new things they’re selling for cellphones, the wireless charger. It’s a little plate that you put your phone on and you don’t even have to ever plug it in. You just put it on there, pick up your phone 30 minutes later, and boom it’s charged. Same exact concept guys. Just a long time has passed. This is electrical induction. We are creating power at a distance and based on how much current is going through the wire, based on a few other factors, that dictates how much power is created, how long it lasts, and how far that it travels. Okay, so recapping or rehashing, back to PEMF therapy what we’re doing is we’re taking a basic applicator and we were able to create the energy into somebody’s body from a distance.

With our technology we can use it six inches away, a foot away, in some cases two or three feet away. Okay, we’re able to create the energy or create micro-currents inside of the body that way. We’re gonna talk a little bit later about the benefits of that, but the first benefit is that it allows us to use a whole heck of a lot more power in a safe way. And again just simply talking about PEMF therapy and what it is, is we’re putting energy into cells at a distance which allows us to use a lot more power.

With this concept, this understanding of electromagnetic conduction, led to sorta the fist person that kicked off the technology that took it to the forefront. Many people know his name for a wide variety of things, but for us the person that really created this technology is Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s responsible for a whole host of inventions that we are currently using right now to be able to have this webinar and all of us to be connected within speaking and listening, but one of the few things that he was marginally successful in his life was the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company. He was the father of lighting, but he’s also the father of many other things.

In 1912, Tesla started the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company and he created portable medical devices that he sold for a period of 5 years and it was one of the few marginally successful businesses that Tesla had. Okay, and the reason we’re talking about it is, if you start to take a look at a few of the pictures on the screen and listen to what I’m pointing out, what’s old is new and what’s new is old. This is a picture of Mark Twain participating in an experiment in Tesla’s laboratory, using his pulse magnetic therapy device. He’s able to create an electrical arch between his hands where Twain is, and if you look kiddy corner over here, there’s a picture of me two years ago literally doing the same thing. I’m creating an electrical arch at a distance, and again we’re talking about this because we need to understand where it came from and that there is a long, long, period of use that we know clinically its safe, that its successful, but also from an effectiveness standpoint and where the technology is going. So Tesla was doing this for a whole host of many things, he created the pulse energy device, he’s the inventor of television, he’s the inventor of radio, internet, alternating current, tesla coils, florescent lights, radar, solar power, some say he made an earth quake machines, some people say he even made a death ray machine.

The point being is, we were probably incorrect when we were kids, and we were teasing somebody for messing up the bell curve and giving us all lower grades by calling them an Einstein, we should have probably called them a Tesla, because Tesla was a genius in so many fields, he sorta superseded anything that we’ve ever seen in our time, and again with Tesla, this man was a recluse, he was not in it for the glory, he was notorious for giving away his profits, giving away his patents, things like that, and that’s what he did it up until his death.

When they did Tesla’s biography, this first biography after he died, that’s three or four years after it came out, a quote was attributed to him that sort of nails down or hits home for me and a lot of us, in the PEMF world. In that, Tesla believed that if you flooded the body with millions of tiny micro currents and electrical impulses, you could go for days without needing food, without needing water, without needing sleep, he felt more energized, he felt more alert, more focused, all of his physical ailments went away, and that is essentially what seems to happen when you use the high powered PEMF therapy today, 150, 140 years later, its the same thing.

Tesla’s not the only man that was involved with this technology, he was sorta the precursor, he kicked off the advent and the use of the technology. Couple other folks that were involved with this, is George Lakhovsky, and Will Raymond Rice. George Lakhovsky created something called the MWO, or the Multi-Wave Oscillator and he was able to prove that the cell resonates, and what that means in lay terms is that is communicates. The cell will resonate to a pulse, to a certain set of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. It’ll ping or communicate back. Lakhovsky was able to see this and understand this once he created the Multi-Wave Oscillator here and that he utilized that in the [inaudible 00:13:33].

Around the same time, 30s and 40s a gentleman, San Diego, California, by the name of Will Raymond Rice created the Rice Device. And these are still in use today. I’m quite certain if you go into Google and type in Rice Device you could find a whole bunch of places that are all over the United States and more that make these frequency generators designed for healing. Now, obviously for the benefit of our dialog today we’re only talking about Rice himself and his technology. But he spent quite a bit of time, effort, money, and his life researching this technology with cancer. And at one point he was so successful that even the San Diego Union Tribune if you take a look here at the bottom, in 1938, announced that he was able to cure cancer in his laboratory. Pretty big deal if you think about that. Major US newspaper announcing that somebody in the laboratory career is curing cancer with an electrical device, it’s a big deal back then. Okay, the short story of life and believe me we could talk all day just about Rice, is that he went from hero to zero overnight. Once he started to see fantastic clinical results of cancer there was a lot of complaints from groups, entities, bodies that stood to not do so well with him accelerating in the excess of great…with him limiting the excessive growth of cancer and they shut him down. Rice went from hero to zero basically overnight and his technology went away, at least to a degree. But, the concepts still existed and the reason we have these here is we show these pictures. This picture here is from 1935, this is from 1936. These are HG Fisher devices out of Chicago that would sell home pulsed magnetic therapy devices specifically for you to treat yourself at home for physical ailments.

This gentleman here, it’s a fantastic picture, he is using a similar application that we make and use for our device today. A limp applicator where we create many different turns on a person’s body. It’s a fantastic way to get energy and also accelerate healing, but the biggest point here is that a 100 years ago they were doing the same thing.

The technology took a little bit of a turn as we got into the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Once Rice and other folks started investigating it for terminal illnesses it went away from the home use pain type of thing and went more into an investigative research method and the two main folks that sorta took to the next step was a French physicist named Antoine Prioré in the 50s and then Giovanne Doto in the 60s and 70s who was an Italian World War II fighter pilot that immigrated to the United States.

In short, Antoine Prioré created a Prioré device which was essentially a room and what he believed is that if you put cancer patients into this room, turned the switch on, they would come out and they would eventually be cancer free. He received the first government funding to study PEMF therapy with cancer from the French government. And he got great results. When you Google his papers, 1953, 1954, his papers were noted as groundbreaking, as earth changing. 1957 the French government shut him down. They got too many complaints from the French Medical Association of patients ceasing their standard treatment of care and wanted to do the Prioré method. So the government shut him down.

This lead to Giovanne Doto and this is an excellent picture. If you take a look it looks very much like the beam me up, Scotty from Star Wars. The user would stand on the plate and they would bring the sorta rings down on top of their head and treat down and they’d say beam me up scotty and they’d pulse them on their way. Doto, where sorta he sorta got involved with the technology is in 1972 after 6 years of research, he was awarded the very first patents in the United States for PEMF therapy in the application of cancer. He was actually awarded patents for this particular technology just for the treatment of cancer because the results spoke for themselves.

Once he shifted from a clinician to, if you will, a business man and creating a product that was going to go mainstream, the end of 1974 for the first time in history the United States government overturned his patents. They decided to re-review all of his data that was previously approved and allowed for his patents to be excepted. They re-reviewed the data and decided that the data was incorrect. That it was inaccurate, there wasn’t enough control. They basically decided that all of his data was so poor that they could overturn his patents. So two years after awarding him the patents from 6 years worth of research they decided they were going to shut him down, which they did. The sorta funny thing, if you will, is that this is the point where people know that the technology started to work. This is the kicking off point in the 70s and 80s where we started to use it further and further.

Many people out there have asked me this question or asked this question. Is this like a Bob Beck Zapper? Is this like one of those Beck zappers? No, but it’s a cousin. In the 70s, is really when this technology started to splinter, be developed and utilized for other areas. Bob Beck created zappers that you could put, you could see here with the Velcro[SP] wristband you could either strap or attach to the body and you’d treat certain areas of the body with a low lying electromagnetic fields.

We also have a really cool product that they sold for, geez, 15, 20 years in the AirMall, SkyMall Catalogs, it’s wristwatch that gets rid of jetlag. But if you actually just read the mechanism they’re matching it’s a very, very low end PEMF therapy device. We have diapulse or shortwave diathermy that came outta this technology in the 70s. And what that is it uses an elongated or longer electromagnetic pulse to create heat inside of the body with the goal to get rid of things like inflammation. The drawback is you can only use it on a spot for 1 to 2 minutes at a time or otherwise you can get a serious burn.

And then down in the middle is the connection from the old technology to today and then also to myself. The first version of the technology that we see today when we put into Google and say I wanna look at a PEMF therapy device was a device from Greece called the PAP-IMI machine invented by a Greek physicist going by the name of Panos Pappas. And what he figured out is that you could take out all of these different mechanisms of actions, the different ways that they’ve created PEMF field, but to make it most effective it needs to be in a focused applicator. And so he created what we call The Loop. There’s a whole bunch of terms for it now. Originally was The Loop. We call it the loop, the wand, the probe, the applicator, the accessory, the appliance, there’s a 100 and more than 1 way to sorta give the explanation or the name of something but his contribution was the direct application. The drawback of this technology, this PAP-IMI machine was several fold. It was 285 pounds, it was almost six figures coming from Europe, it was about a six month lead time, and the inventor was like a classic inventor and saw such great results that he couldn’t help but tell everybody and not do the clinical research behind it.

How I got involved with this technology, sorta where my background is, is I got involved in the year 2000. I had mentioned early right place, right time. That’s exactly what happened. I finished school, I went to Los Angeles to become a sports caster, that was my background. I wanted to broadcast college football. And unfortunately it didn’t work out for me because I had a dental issue where I literally walked around with a hole in my mouth for a year. I found this company and the gentleman by the name of Chuck Walluck, he’s the gentleman that brought it over from Europe and is chiefly responsible for PEMF getting it’s main start here in North America. He basically made me use the machine and in two days it completely closed up a dry socket that I had from a dental issue. I had spent a year going back to the dentist when they removed my wisdom teeth and nothing worked, and in two days this big funky box closed my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. I was sold. “I said to them hey have you ever taken this to pro sports team?” And they basically said, “No, no, no, we are starting clinical trials in the United States. We’re looking to cure all the main diseases of the world. If you think the sports team would be interested go ahead and call them up.”

So that’s how circumstances evolved from me not being a broadcaster in sports to being involved in sports in another angle. I knew being an athlete myself that this was gonna be fantastic for athletes. I got on the phone, started making phone calls one thing led to the other and I was able to get the machine as you can see here, the pictures here, we got it to the San Francisco 49ers, we got it to Houston Astro’s, Shaquille O’Neal’s wife, excuse me Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife and father-in-law walked into our clinic one day and nobody knew who they were. I had a nice conversation with them, they invited me back to their home and since 2004 I’ve been Shaq’s, if you will, personal PEMF operator where he has flown me around to use the technology in certain key situations, before games, during playoff series, and the only benefit there is if there was any doubt in my mind that this technology was effective, that it worked, there was no reason for big Shaq to be flying little Josh around the United States and other places for four or five years when he coulda just used something else. That’s when I knew this technology was incredible.

We…2004 the gentleman that I was involved with, Chuck Walluck, he had a sudden heart attack and passed away. And again the short version is that myself and another gentleman we reengineered the technology, made a whole host of different improvements, made it light and more portable, more powerful, and came out with our machine. So that’s how you get to 1905 to 2017.

So I wanna talk now about how the technology works a little bit more scientifically. A little bit more in the depth of the details so people understand what the machine is really doing. There’s a lot of unknown or incorrect information out there. This is what the known is and this is what I want to talk about.

Essentially as we were talking about the body’s made up of millions of tiny electric currents and impulses interacting throughout the cells. The waves from our PEMF therapy device pass through the cells at a very powerful, very fast rate. The byproduct of this is a net energy gain each time. Okay, U.S Army studied on a 1979 and proved this, it proved two things, that was each pulse there was a little bit more energy left into the cell, and the other thing that was happening was that it was helping convert sodium to potassium on a biological or sub cellular level. And the byproduct of that we’re gonna talk about it in a second, but they were able to clinically, without a shadow of a doubt, prove that using this machine restores the spin of the electron around the atoms of the cell, and the direct by product of that is the production of energy at the cellular level, things like ATP.

We’re able to measure at the cellular level, voltage, we can see that this happens, so at its core level, we are putting energy in the cell, and when the cell is full of energy it says “wait a minute, I’m not post-operative knee scar, I’m not a partially torn rotator cuff, I am a healthy cell.” It leaves a little coating of DNA that it’s already programmed into the cell, and replicates a healthier version. Okay, and so the reason that it works on such a wide variety of conditions, and we read all the critical reports, all of these things out there about it, the reason is because its working on a cellular level. It’s not working on the pathology of what is wrong with the person, it is only working at the core or the heart of the problem.

The other thing that the technology does, that is unique, is that it excites all the frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum all at once. It is like a bolt of lightning. This is unique only to our technology, to our machines or any of the other Sparktek versions. The digital technologies can’t achieve this, it’s just not possible. And the best way to think about it is this, all the other technologies, all the other therapies out there in the world, where ever your Dr. Fred that’s in New England, and Dr. Michael that’s in Texas, you can think of laser and you can think of ultrasound right now, and both of those have a set of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. They fit in, there’s a spot for them, and that is the technology that you’re using now. Another way to think about that is somebody walking to the piano and hitting their one note. They hit their “A”, the hit their “C”, or they hit their “E”, right, they make a nice sound. That is not our machine, that is not high powered PEMF. High powered PEMF literally recreates lightening, it creates the signature of lightening, and the bi product is about 0.25 Hertz to 250,000 Megahertz, about 2.5 Gigahertz. We’ve see this in a laboratory on a spectrum analyzer so we’re able to see it and see what it looks like, and another way to understand it is, going back to the piano reference is, this is like my four and a half year old son walking into the room and seeing a piano and putting his hand on all of the keys and hitting all of the keys all at once simultaneously, exciting all of the notes. Relating that back to the technology, what that does is hits all of the frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, it passes the frequencies to the body and it resonates, okay, it resonates to the pulse. What that translates like for you there Fred that’s in Idaho, what that translates for you, is you feel the machine only where you have pain. You don’t feel it the same way if you don’t have injury and its specifically because of the electromagnetic spectrum, because we’re only hitting the frequencies that are injured okay. We can put it on…Fred I’m sorry to pick on you, using your example…we can use Fred’s right shoulder, and bring it up to his shoulder and he’s gonna look at me and the applicator is a foot away and he’s gonna say “Wow Josh, that’s from my car accident from 10 years ago, how’d you know?”, and then we’ll take that applicator, we’ll go closer, and we’ll move it down to the stomach and he’ll say “Hey, what’d you do, I don’t feel it anymore.” We didn’t turn the machine down, we just moved the applicator away from that area that was resonating with the pulse. You can feel this machine unlike anything you’ve ever felt, and I can tell you that doing this almost 17 years, it’s still very hard for me to explain to somebody what’d feel like when you use the machine.

Lots of unknowns about PEMF, I only talk about the knowns, these are the known scientific indications of PEMF therapy, meaning there are 510(k) approvals existing, CE mark approvals worldwide, for successful treatment with these particular conditions. We know without a shadow of a doubt, scientifically, that PEMF therapy helps in certain cases in bipolar, and depression. It was FDA cleared for TMS, a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. In 2011, there was technology cleared for brain cancer, its a PEMF therapy helmet that you put on and for certain types of Gliomas, you walk around and you wear it all day long. Healing for post surgical recovery, for wound healing, its fantastic, especially diabetic ulcers, that was another indication it’s received. Pain of any origin, multiple indications for pain, works on tendons, cartilage, soft tissue injuries, nerve regeneration, chronic and acute ailments, muscle stim, healing of fractures, that’s a bone stimulator device from the late 70’s, again another PEMF technology, and a treatment for edema or swelling.

Typically when people read this they go oh, wow that is fantastic, its voodoo and snake oil, because I have 10 different conditions all unrelated to each other, and the first thing we tell people is, yeah but you gotta try it. Then, the second thing we do is, we talk again about the science, it is going directly on a cellular or a sub cellular level and that is why it works on so many things. If the body has the ability to heal itself, it will with this machine, if it doesn’t, it can’t.

A better thing that I tell people is is, what doesn’t the technology work on. And one of the things we know it doesn’t do to much for are genetic disorders, we don’t see too many good results with genetic disorders, because we’re resetting the cell, we’re creating homeostasis in the cell, and if there is a corrupted DNA, all we’re doing is replicating the same DNA.

Gonna talk a little bit about the attributes of pulse energy, atomic excitement, the energy seems to stimulate the spin of the electron to store energy that lasts for three days. That’s why people don’t use the machine every single day, they use it every other day. The energy is very strong. It’s not necessary in order to do that. The molecules tend to align slightly with each magnetic pulse. This makes the molecules easier to combine especially when excited. Okay, we are creating organization out of chaos inside of the body.

Another significant thing you see is the PH becomes far more alkaline because of the water inside of you. We can’t shift blood PH, it’s set at about 7.2 but we can shift the water PH inside of you and again we’re mostly water. We tell our practitioners to do a great test of find the litmus paper that you can put from Petco or one of those pet stores and they can do the tongue test where you put it on the tongue. We give them a 20 minute session on the machine and then five minutes later we do another tongue test and you will see that they have shifted maybe up to one full point.

What’s this showing us? It’s showing us two basic things. Increase of oxygen immediately. Oxygen increase is directly related to a higher PH. And it’s also, the other thing is the reduction of sodium. Okay, sodium is the best friend of inflammation. They love each other. Oh they go hand in hand and they just like sorta work together. If we’re able to help the body do this and put the body in its state of a higher PH, chronic inflammation goes away because it’s not able to be there. There’s this too much oxygen, okay, there’s not enough sodium. Again, this is all with the consistent sessions you will see this.

Surface tension can shift on the order of 16 fold. We make the water wetter. Okay, and that is a fantastic thing to see. People that have any sort of muscle deficiencies, the water gets to the muscle more faster and stays there longer. The other thing that we see is that the lymph’s will become far more efficient. They’ll stand and flow. We put the loop under somebody’s armpits and somebody’s face that has a stuffy nose and in ten minutes they go oh my gosh this is the greatest thing in the world where there nose isn’t running like before. It’s a great, great thing to see. Red blood cells will separate. They probably will restore their charge and repel each other in minutes allowing more surface area to transport oxygen. You can see the fantastic befores and afters here. Basically we want each cell to have it’s own ability to get oxygen, nutrients, water, we don’t want them stacked up like silver dollar pancakes. And we see this consistently with pulse magnetic therapy.

Vascular system relaxes within minutes of completing a session this can happen. We found this out by mistake when we were doing clinical trials years ago. We had to do before and after blood pressure and by default we were finding that we were regulating blood pressure and we realized it wasn’t us or the machine, it was tricking the vascular system to relax. We seem to get a great result with migraines as well. And with migraines we treat the inner thigh instead of the head specifically for this. It’s like adding another lane on the freeway when you’re full of traffic.

Another thing that we see, systemic response to the sessions, many report as though the body’s functions have been fine tuned or turbo charged but many times the problems get better and it’ss not the targeted problem. I had this last week, I had a phone call from a doc that told me he worked on a patients lower back for six sessions in two weeks and it didn’t get any better. I said he got no results. Well he told me his trick knee hasn’t been this, felt this good in 15 years or something like that but his back didn’t feel better, makes sense. Even though we want the back to get better first, it’s maybe that the body is prioritizing healing and the knee needed to heal first and then the back. We don’t have control over that. What we wanna do is just find out sorta the detailed information of the person using the machine because I’m willing to bet that something else is going good that you didn’t know.

Most controversial one that we see is the cell can change some of the sodium back to the potassium. This was found in the U.S. Army study done in 1979. And it helps with things like pain reduction. Short example it is we will see an athlete that will come in with let’s say four centimeters fluid on their knee, we’ll give them a 15 minute session, and they will come back the next day and the swelling is 100% gone and they go wait a minute, uh what did you do? Did you just sneak in my room and use needles while I was asleep? It shouldn’t drain this fast. And part of it is because we’re empowering the body to accelerate the healing and the other part of it is again because we’re converting the sodium to potassium.

The electromagnetic pulse is causing the person to generate tiny little micro currents. This is how we see the healing in fractures. If you can visual in your head a break in the bone and there’s a gap between the two points where we bring that coil applicator close we are creating a little micro-arc or a tiny, tiny little bolt of lightening going from the two fracture sites. Funny enough when the patient tells us, “Gosh, hey I don’t feel the machine jumping on my arm anymore.” We typically compare with the MRI and find that the healing has occurred. That the bone has callused and there’s a callus [inaudible 00:35:29] over, there’s no more fracture and typically they don’t feel the machine at that point anymore and that’s when we know okay, we were creating the micro-current and now we’re not and we’ve created healing.

Last thing is the speed and discharge of the pulse. This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You can use, treat on the top of the head, you can treat an hour on spots. The reason being is because of the speed of the pulse, it is just too darn fast to create energy that is negative. This picture in front of you so to speaks is a thousand words. Is when we were kids we put our hand on top of the candle and figured out pretty quick, ow ooh that’s hot, can’t do that. But we got to a certain point where if we moved our hand at a certain speed in and out of the flame we could do it forever. No heat, no burn. But look mom I’m playing with the fire. And in the similar fashion that’s what we’re doing with our machine. It’s a high, high powered pulse that the pulse is so fast there’s no time to create heat, or injury or damage inside of the tissue. Only enough time to leave a little bit of trail of energy.

The last thing that I want to talk about in terms of the benefit is the most important thing is there’s one thing that you will leave this webinar with today is this benefit of electrophoresis or electroporation with this technology. During and after a session, about two to three hours, your cell membranes open up and become wide open. Little cell gates are open so water and nutrients can flow into the cell, dissolve toxins, and flow out. Higher oxygen uptake and sure that the nutrition that’s in the body gets absorbed faster and better. And then after that two to three hours it closes its door back up and goes right back to what it’s doing. And I know I’m only briefly touching on this particular thing, but the benefit is so tremendous. We are getting inside of the cell from a distance. Okay, the big thing out there is well there’s not really much that can cross the blood brain barrier. This crosses every barrier. We have pulsed through two lead dental suits and created an inductive shield through that. So the byproduct of that is knowing electroporation any sorta adjunct therapy that the practitioner’s doing, you get a 30 to 40 better result just by using this machine and getting electroporation.

Basic coil and protocols. Okay, there’s a million and one different ways in which to use the technology. And I’m here to tell you that using this 15 years hands on people there isn’t a wrong way. There’s no wrong way to use the technology where it is not going to work. What there is, is the best way to get the absolute best results and the fastest results. And as you can see Shaq with his thumbs up there we start every single person who’s position one on the chest. Heart, lungs, thymus. We start the coil at a distance and we bring the applicator in until the person feels it on their chest. And it’s based on comfort. If you have it right flush on your chest like Shaq or Igor does, it might be too strong. You could back it off half an inch but again we do the heart, lungs, and thymus. Okay, and we’re gonna talk about why in a second.

The second position is the crown of the head. We wanna take the applicator and start like a halo and we slowly bring it down near our crown until we feel it. Some people feel it in the eyes or the nose. Me personally, I feel it in my teeth where I’ve had dental work. Other people where they have sinus headaches. Okay and we want it to be comfortable for the user and they’ll use it for about two to three minutes.

And then the third position is the mid thoracic. Above the tailbone, below the shoulder blades. The kidney, the backside of the liver, the adrenals. And we do these positions one, two, three in this order for everything under the sun. Does not matter what the person quote-on-quote has when they walk in the door. This is sorta called the Walluck protocol of PEMF. And the reason being is this, the broken toe doesn’t heal your toe, it is the systems of the body. And if all said what is said about PEMF therapy is true then we need to be energizing the systems of the body that do the work otherwise we’re sorta cutting our ears off despite our face. We’re doing our self a disservice. So for this particular example of a protocol, we’re just gonna talk about somebody’s shoulder. We have them come in and we do position one, two, and three as we’ve just displayed, and then we box the area of need. When I say box, I don’t mean a boxing around your ears, I literally mean as many angles of approach. Three or four walls as possible. We have found over the years that ten minutes on one spot is not as effective as nine minutes at three minute intervals at different angles. And we’re gonna visual see this here in a second for the shoulder.

We would do the front of the shoulder here for about two to three minutes. We would come to the back side of the shoulder two to three minutes. And then we put their arm through the loop two to three minutes. Please notice that I did not mention any name of any condition or any pathology here, we are only talking about body parts. With our technology we energize via the body part, not the pathology, not the name of the issue. That’s how the technology works and it works most effectively. So again for this shoulder injury, ten minutes in one spot would be less effective than three minutes on each alternating spot. We take that and we utilize throughout, okay? What I have just given you is sort of a…you keep that in you back pocket… that is 90% of the protocols that we have trained, that we have used over the years as one, two, three and boxed the area of need.

Other things we talk about when we do our formal training for practitioners and they buy the machine and we go case by case basis, there are other protocols, this is the elevator protocol as I call it, When we’re trapped in the elevator for a minute and I gotta tell you how to run your clinic, you do this, you’re gonna be lovin’ it.

I know we’re getting a little short on time here so I’m gonna, as quick as possible give ya the elevator information on how we introduce the technology to the patient. So many doctors that I have worked with over the years have tried the machine with us at a trade show and said Josh this machine is awesome, you fixed my shoulder at the trade show, but now I brought it to my clinic and I don’t know what to do. There’s a technique that we use to take this from a really cool modality in the corner of the office to I’m using this so much I need to get a second [Inaudible 00:41:40] Josh, and this happens a lot okay?

We don’t want you to buy advertising space, we don’t want you to advertise on the radio, or television, not initially. You already have all of the people that you need that come into your front door. This is what we want you to do, this is such a unique technology, this is so different in the way that it works, we simply want you to give it away for free for each patient. You as their practitioner will know, okay I’ve gotten Mary here who has a back problem coming in today, I’ve got Fred with a shoulder, I’ve got Ty with a hip, okay, we simply, following these steps, we say “Hey Mary, hey Fred, guess what, I’ve got a new technology in the office, I think you’re a great candidate for it, come on back for complimentary session, I want to put it on your shoulder, okay?”

Patients, and most people will typically enjoy the word complimentary session or free, so we bring him back there, and we take the applicator and we put it on their one bad spot for five minutes. Yea, Mary’s shoulder, we’re gonna take that applicator, we’re gonna turn the machine on, bring it slowly to the shoulder until she feels it and she goes “wow that’s my bad spot doc, I cant believe it.” We’re gonna smile at ’em and we’re gonna wait five minutes, okay? Five minutes later, we’re gonna turn off the machine and say ” Mary how’s your shoulder? How do you feel?” I’m not big on guarantees, but here’s what I guarantee you. I guarantee you in five minutes, Mary is going to feel somewhere between 100% to one tenth of a present better. She is going to feel something. She may only have ten percent range of motion increase, she may have 50, she’s gonna feel something, and we’re able to demonstrate, lets see your shoulder Mary, and their gonna check out her shoulder and go wow its better already, it’s 50% percent better, what did you do?

And from that point we are no longer selling them a service. We were able to then explain to them, Mary this is great, we saw 50% range of motion return in your shoulder after the first five minute session, I think we should do a five pack for you, we offer ’em five pack and ten pack, lets start with a five pack and see how you do, does that sound good? Yeah that sounds great, when can we start doc or we start with the ten pack.

Typically, we tell the practitioner that you wanna give them six to twelve sessions in one month for any issue, and then we can reassess as the practitioner goes. But I have seen more success using this particular method with the stick figures just giving away that freebie, that little sample so people can try and experience because this is such a results based technology. With that I’m gonna open it up to any sort of questions and [Inaudible 00:44:16] that people may have, because I imagine there’s maybe one or two things people would like to know out there.

Daniel: Alright, well thank you Josh, this has been extremely informative, and we have been collecting some questions from the audience, and I would like to get to those right now. We do have a couple that are somewhat related, so I’m gonna ask you this one question, and it relates to basically what people feel and the actual question I ask was “why would a patient get dizzy and lightheaded after PEMF therapy session?” So, would a patient get dizzy and lightheaded, and if so or if not, what kind of things do people actually feel when they’re getting the treatment?

Josh: Sure, great question, I’m gonna answer both parts. I have seen this myself, over the years, less than ten times, I have seen it. Typically, we’ve experienced someone will be dizzy with one of a couple factors. My grandmother is a good example, my grandmother’s 97, and she weighs less than 100 pounds, she has chronic low blood pressure, so when I give her a session, I give her a short session, 5-10 minutes, anything longer drops her blood pressure and she feels a little bit woozy.

Another reason is that if they have not eaten that day, and especially if they have not eaten and they’re on medication, they feel it more so we have a patient that comes in, they’re late for their appointment, they haven’t had breakfast, they take their morning meds, they come sit down have a 30 minute PEMF treatment, they stand up and the go whoa, and they feel like they’re gonna tip over. That happens also related to blood sugar, there’s a really good result with diabetics, okay, and the reason I’m tying into this is somebody that may have moderately low blood sugar, they may have a long session and their blood sugar drops a little bit.

In our user manuals, in our training, we make sure we have the practitioner have on hand some saltine crackers at all times. In the off chance that this happens, we have them have a little salt which brings their blood pressure up and then it balances. Again, I’ve seen this less than 10 times since 2000, but I’m very familiar with it. Answer your question about what it feels like. This is the McDonald’s secret sauce question and it is the hardest thing to answer because it is unique to everybody. I recently hired a writer to write a story to go and have his first session on the machine and then write a story about what it was like because it’s such a unique experience. We’ll be able to provide that link. But for somebody listening for the first time, that doesn’t have the benefit, here’s the best way to understand it. It’s almost like being a passenger in time travel of your body and you’re remembering all the things that have happened throughout your life and what I mean by that is you take that you take that applicator and the practitioner starts moving it all over your body you’re going to go I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel anything, op that’s my low back from when I fell out of the treehouse when I was seven years old messing around with my brother. And then they’ll move it to another spot, ooh that’s my rotator cuff oh yeah that’s right I hurt my arm senior year of baseball. And it tells you the story of what’s going on and it’s almost like a dull ache replicating the pain but not as painful. When you get a massage and you go ooh yeah that’s the spot right there, it’s another way to understand it.

Daniel: Okay, very good. We just have a new question that came in. Is there a price range for these types of machines and how much do providers typically charge for a given session?

Josh: Yup, great question. Most practitioners charge on a scale in this way, they will charge $50 for one 20 minute session that’s an all the cart basis and then they will provide it as packages. A five pack of sessions, they’ll charge $45 a session, or a 10 pack they’ll charge $40 a session. So $400 for a ten pack. Typically that is not a problem for the patient to pay for once they’ve experienced and felt it. And we have sort of engineered it to coincide with around what the least payments are for practitioners. You can finance the machine, you don’t have to buy them outright. We make three models. We make a high end clinical one that retails for $29,000, we make a clinical one that’s more portable, looks like an airplane suitcase that’s $23,000, and then we came out with a home unit this last year that’s designed for either home or to be rented out by the practitioner for $9,500.

Daniel: All right, very good. Here’s a good question too. Are there any contra indications for this therapy? I know there’s a couple myself.

Josh: Yup

Daniel: Go ahead.

Josh: Yup, that’s a great question. Pace makers or other electrical implants are a no-no. Okay, we have first hand tested this at a cardiologist office, not with patients, with actual pace makers and other electrical implants. It will override the signal of a pacemaker from the applicator and at about three feet. Same with things like a deep brain stimulator. Having said that, anything else that’s implanted in the body, metal, screws, rods, hardware, absolutely fine, not a problem. It is only electrical based implants. The other contra indication is that we have our under the age of 18 without written parental consent and pregnancy for political reasons.

Daniel: Okay. And are there any…does the practitioner have to operate this device or can somebody else do it?

Josh: Great question. Practitioner does not have to operate the device. We prefer that the practitioner does not because part of the technology is that it’s a hands free modality. The goal is that we wanna be able to put something office wear. Practitioner doesn’t have to take up his or her time. That it could be run by itself. So what you can do is either one of two things. Either you bring on a technician that we’ll train, it doesn’t have to be a registered chiropractic assistant, just has to be a technician that we can train and then certify. Or, what happens over time is you may even want to be the person as a practitioner, well I want to operate my machine, and over time Mary comes in and she’s used the machine three times and she takes the loop and says, “Hey I know how to do it.” She starts treating herself. And a lot of the time the patients end up doing self-administration or self-treatment because it’s so easy to use.

Daniel: All right, well very good. That mainly brings us to the conclusion of our webinar. But I understand that you may have a special offer for those attending today’s webinar.

Josh: I do. I do, thanks. As we discussed, these are not cheap machines. These are expensive. There’s a lot of technology and engineering that goes behind it so anything, anytime that we have an opportunity to give somebody a break or discount we jump at that chance. So for any of the registered attendees that have attended this webinar if they place an order for any of the products within 14 days of this webinar, we’re gonna give ’em a 5% discount.

Daniel: Wow, that’s fantastic. Well this has been extremely informative. We’ve been writing on this topic at Chiropractic Economics and we were impressed by the fact that a lot of professional sports teams are using this technology, athletes are using it, and those are places where people don’t waste their time if they’re not getting results. So, in addition to the research, the science, the clinical record that this technology has I think this is a thing that anybody with interest should definitely take a good look at. And at this time, we would like to thank our sponsor Pulsed Energy and Josh Silver for today’s webinar. Everyone thank you for attending. Remember this webinar, including our speakers PowerPoint presentation has been recorded. If we did not get to your question during the webinar, the questions will be posted to our expert and the answers posted shortly at We’ll alert you when the webinar is available. Thank you again everybody for attending and we look forward to seeing you next time. Have a wonderful day.


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