The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

The PER 2000 Mini

Provide your patients with an effective pain management and recovery solution with the Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 Mini. This non-invasive, all-natural therapeutic tool targets pain sources in the body through powerful, yet safe, electromagnetic energy pulses.

As a method of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, the PER 2000 Mini energizes the body’s cells and optimizes their function to promote rapid repair.

Athletic patients, those managing chronic pain conditions, or patients with acute injuries can all benefit from PEMF devices. Operating the PER 2000 Mini in your practice can create an additional cash-based revenue stream for you.

The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

The PER 2000 Mini - Powerful PEMF Device

How It Works

The PER 2000 Mini is lightweight and portable, allowing health professionals to easily move it around their office or to go to community events. Because it is easy to use and requires minimal training to operate, more staff members will be able to use the Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 Mini.

If you’re interested in adding a holistic approach to your home that can aid people of all ages and stages in life, the PER 2000 Mini can accompany your normal life and provide enhanced outcomes and 100% satisfaction.

The Benefits of PEMF

PEMF therapy can assist with everything from recovering from exercise to recovering from injury. Natural, non-invasive
and effective, it creates a tangible way to achieve greater wellness and health throughout your body.


Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise with PEMF therapy that delivers energy directly to the cells of your muscles.


Feel stronger and better with PEMF therapy that restores health and wellness throughout your body, enabling true relaxation.


PEMF uses the electrical impulses and currents already interacting within and throughout your cells to recharge your body naturally.


Because PEMF uses the processes already occurring in your body, it provides a non-invasive way to restore health.

PEMF Machine Training

Pulsed Energy Technologies custom training and support options ensure that you get the best results from your machine. In fact, our commitment to quality and the restorative benefits of Pulsed Energy is so great that our support team offers training services for all energy devices – even our competitors!

Pulsed Energy Technologies is now offering advanced on-site device training to all users seeking even greater energy restoration and pain management benefits.

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