3 Levels of Coaching Ensure That You Get
the Best Results From Your PEMF Machine

Make Pulsed Energy a central part of your ability to help patients heal with three levels of customized training designed to help you learn
the best practices, positions, and benefits of PEMF technology and your specific machine.

Our commitment to quality and the restorative benefits of Pulsed Energy is so great that our support team offers
training services for all energy devices — even our competitors’!

Level 1

Familiarize yourself with the science behind PEMF and learn the best practices for using your specific machine. Level 1 training is included with the purchase of your machine.

Level 2

Receive advanced, on-site device training from one of our skilled technicians. Level 2 training is available to all users with a simple phone call.

Level 3

Our most in-depth training covers the science, machines, best practices, and positions of our machines in detail, from home. Level 3 training is available as an additional resource upon request.

Access Our Exclusive Training and Videos

Expand on your training with specialized videos and content designed to help you enjoy the best possible results from PEMF technology. What kind of content can you expect to access when you purchase your machine?

  • Webinars
  • Informational Videos
  • Written Content
  • And more

All of it is designed to help you understand your machine, learn the many uses of PEMF technology, and undertake the best approach to maximize the benefits of your machine, both for yourself and your patients.

There isn’t any easier or more comprehensive way to enjoy the support and education for PEMF technology and machines!

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