Discover Why PEMF Keeps Top Athletes in the Game

Athletes use PEMF

Get Back In The Game Faster

Performing at your peak demands that you push your body to the limit. With every single workout, practice, and game, you propel yourself towards the brink of what your body can accomplish.

And any athlete who wants to increase that limit while never letting injury or wear and tear to let them down needs a Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000.

Are you ready to discover just how good you can be?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy naturally gives your body’s cells the extra push they need to perform at peak capacity. Your body will deal with pain better, recover faster, and just plain function at a higher level. A PEMF device is a must for every athlete who takes their career (and their performance) seriously.

This unique therapeutic system delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) right into your body’s cells. The chemical reactions in every cell in your body are stimulated by electrical signals, which give the energy they need to work more efficiently. The result is that your body performs better and you have more energy, endurance, and stamina on the field.

Today's top athletes who use Pulsed Energy Technologies

Jake Arrieta Chicago Cubs Pitcher, 2015 Cy Young Award Winner

I love that I have a unit that can travel with me everywhere. I'll tell you what, the PER 2000 and PEMF has definitely made a difference. I am fascinated with the product Pulsed Energy Technologies has created, and truly stand behind its ability.

My stance on marketing is simple and organic. I give Pulsed Energy Technology genuine support, and that's really the only way I operate.

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Terrell Owens
Retired NFL Superstar and Future Hall of Famer.

I've used Pulsed Energy Technologies for twelve years to help a number of injuries over my career. A lot of people know me for recovering from my injuries quickly, which is accredited to diet and cutting edge technologies. This is where Pulsed Energy comes into play.

I played in 3 World Cups as well as professionally in 3 different countries. As a former professional athlete who had to retire early due to injury-when it's over, you're dealing with pain consistently. The one thing I can tell you is the PER 2000  has eliminated a lot of my pain. 

Eric Wynalda US Soccer

Terence Newman NFL Veteran, Minnesota Vikings

I recently used the PER 2000 several times for a leg injury. It helped me quite a bit in the recover process. I think PEMF is a great way to help athletes and people get back in the game faster!

NY YANKEES Superstar
Aaron Judge

MMA Legend & UFC Hall of Famer
Chuck “Iceman” Liddell